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Fluvanna County Public Schools School Board Policies
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AA School Division Legal Status
AD Education Philosophy
AF Comprehensive Plan
BB School Board Legal Status
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBBB Student Liaison to the School Board
BBD Board Member Removal from Office
BBFA School Board Members Conflict of Interest
BBFB-R Code of Conduct for School Board Members
BCB School Board Officers
BCE School Board Committees
BCG School Attorney
BDB Special School Board Meetings
BDCA Calling and Certification of Closed Meetings
BDDA Notification of School Board Meetings
BDDE Rules of Order
BDDG Minutes
BF Board Policy Manual
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BHB School Board Member In-Service Activities
BHE School Board Member Insurance
CBA Qualifications and Duties for the Superintendent
CBCA Disclosure Statement Required of Superintendent
CBE Severance Benefits
CC Administrative Organization Plan
CH Policy Impementation
CL Administrative Reports
CM School Division Annual Report
expand Section: D - FISCAL MANAGEMENT
DA Management of Funds
DB Annual Budget
DGC School Activity Funds
DI Financial Accounting and Reporting
DJ Small Purchasing
DJB Petty Cash Funds
DJG Vendor Relations
DL Payroll Procedures
DLC Expense Reimbursements
DN Disposal of Surplus Items
DO-R Grants - Financial Guidance
expand Section: E - SUPPORT SERVICES
EA Support Services
EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspection
EBAB Possible Exposure to Viral Infections
EBBA First Aid/CPR Certified Personnel
EBCB Fire Drills
EC Buildings and Grounds Management
ECAB Vandalism
EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEACC Student Conduct on School Buses
EF Food Service Management
EFD Food Sanitation Program
EGAA Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
ET Educational Technology Foundation
FB Facilities Planning
FEA Educational Facilities Specifications
FECBB Accommodations for the Disabled
FF Public Dedication of New Facilities
FG Retirement of Facilities
expand Section: G - PERSONNEL
GAA Staff Time Schedules
GAB_IIBEA Acceptable Computer System Use
GB Equal Employement Opportunity Nondiscrimination
GBA-F JFHA-F Report of Harassment
GBC Staff Compensation Procedures
GBC-E2 Notice of How Employees Who Work Less Than 12 Months Are to be Paid
GBE Staff Health
GBEB Staff Weapons In School
GB-F Report of Discrimination
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBLA Third-Party Complaints Against Employees
GBMA Support Staff Grievances
GBN Staff Hiring Procedures
GBOA Retirement System Eligibility
GBR Voluntary Retirement Savings Program
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCBAA credit for prior experience
GCBA-R Staff Salary Schedules
GCBC Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBDA Sick Leave Bank Policy
GCBDA-R1 Sick Leave Bank Application Form
GCBDB Leaves and Absences
GCBEA Leave Without Pay
GCCA Posting of Professional Staff Vacancies
GCD Professional Staff Hiring
GCDB Filling Administrative Vacancies
GCG Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract
GCL Professional Staff Development
GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPD Professional Staff Discipline
GCPF Suspension of Staff Members
GCQAB Tutoring for Pay
GD Support Staff
GDBA Support Staff Salary Schedules
GDG Support Staff Probation
GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members
pol GBCB staff conduct and responsibilities ADOPTED 03-14-2012
IAA Notification of Learning Objectives
IC-ID School Year/School Day
IEA Pledge of Allegiance
IEC Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States
IFB Pilot, Research or Experimental Projects
IGA Basic Instructional Program
IGAE IGAF Health-Physical Education
IGAH Family Life Education
IGAJ Driver Education
IGBA Programs for Students With Disabilities
IGBC Parental Involvement
IGBE Remedial Instruction Program
IGBG Homebound Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction
IGBH Alternative School Programs
IGCA Summer Schools
IGE Adult Education
IHB Class Size
IIAA Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase
IIAE Innovative or Experimental Projects
IIBEA GAB Acceptable Computer System Use
IIBEA-R GAB-R Acceptable Computer System Use
IICB IICC Community Resource Persons-School Volunteers
IKA Parental Assistance With Instruction
IKEB Acceleration
IKFA Locally Awarded Verified Credits
IKH Retaking SOL Assessments
INB Teaching about Controversial Issues
expand Section: J - STUDENTS
JBA Section 504 NonDiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures
JC School Attendance Areas
JD School Census
JEB Entrance Age-Admission of Persons Not of School Age
JEC School Admission
JECB Admission of Nonpublic Students For Part-Time Enrollment
JEC-R1 Non-Resident Student Tuition
JEG Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JFC Student Conduct
JFCB Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity
JFCD Weapons in School
JFCF Drugs in School
JFCI Substance Abuse - Student Assistance Program
JFCL Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults
JFG Search and Seizure
JFHA-F GBA-F Report of Harassment
JGD JGE Student Suspension-Expulsion
JGDA Disciplining Students With Disabilities
JHC Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCB Immunization of Students
JHCCA Blood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases
JHCD Administering Medicines to Students
JHCF Student Wellness
JHG Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
JJAC Student-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities
JM Restraint and Seclusion of Students
JO Student Records
JP Student Publications
KB Public Information Program
KBC Media Relations
KC Community Involvement in Decision Making
KF Distribution of Information-Materials
KFB Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires
KG R1 Community Use of School Facilities Application
KGB Public Conduct on School Property
KG-R Community Use of School Facilities Procedures
KJ Advertising in the Schools
KKA Service Animals in Public Schools
KL Public Complaints
KLB-E Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources
KMA Relations with Parent Organizations
KNA Violent Sex Offenders on School Property
KNB Reports of Missing Children
KQ Commercial, Promotional, and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships
LB Relations With Private Schools
LC Charter Schools
LE Relations With Colleges and Universities
LEB Advanced-Alternative Courses for Credit
The Fluvanna County School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, status of a parent, or any other legally protected status in the provision of employment services, programs, activities or treatment. The Assistant Superintendent is designated as the responsible person (Compliance Officer) regarding assurances of nondiscrimination. Any complaint alleging discrimination based on a disability shall be directed to the Director for Special Services (the Section 504 Coordinator). Both may be reached at the following address: 14455 James Madison Highway, Palmyra, VA 22963; telephone (434) 589-8208. The Fluvanna County School Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer.